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I just now stumbled upon the game like a day ago(?) But I do really adore it for what it is so far. The traits and character codex is very neat as well. I can't wait for the release as Fall is finally here  (At least for me)


Thank you!

We are afraid our intended release date has been pushed to 2023, so you'll have to wait a bit longer. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Alright!!! I'm sure it will be :))

I really like what you've done with this so far and can't wait till there's more to play. I'll also be happy when I can save the game too, but I understand as this is still a demo that that's probably not implemented yet. As a blind player, I actually got most of this to work pretty well. The parts when it said click anywhere to continue got me stuck a few times, but I tried some random number keys (mostly the a key,) and it got the game to continue. I do suggest in the final version to have the option to turn the music and sound volume down though just in case as there were parts where the music was almost too loud for me compared to the self voicing for reading out the text. Otherwise, great game and can't wait for more!

Thank you for your valuable input! You can use the escape key to access the game menu where you can save the game and change volume sliders. We will make sure to make this more clear in the final version of the game. We will also look into any issues with getting past tutorial screens.

Thanks for getting back to me on the saving thing. Like I said, this game is really good so far and has lots of potential, so can't wait to see what you come up with next for it *smiles*

this is so good  I hope u will update soon

No android versi?


No, we are not currently planning an android version. For the moment, our focus is on PC versions of the game.

ah...thanks for answer....


The demo says the full game would be released March 2022, is there any news from the devs


The current expected release date is late Q2 2022. We are sorry this has not been made clear here on Itch. We have added the information now, and will make sure to keep it updated as we get closer to release.


Wow that final scene was really moving, and totally screen shot worthy! (id say more about what I loved about it, but realize that would have been a bit spoiler ish so I wont, but just wanted to let you know I really appreciated it!) Look forward to being able to play the finished game.  And Id be happy to pay for it too!

I don’t usually write comments but OMG this game is so good!The storytelling is amazing and the characters are just so *chef’s kiss*.

Im so hooked and I can’t wait for the full game to be out!


I usually don't write comments, nor do I play a lot of demos, but this was brilliant, honestly! So brilliant that I felt a bit sad once the demo ended, but if everything goes to plan, it will be out of beta in March of this year! That's nice to hear. I anticipate what else will be to come once the full game is released.


Even as a demo this is one of the best visual novels I've ever played. For me, the story alone would be enough to make it interesting, so everything else just made it phenomenal in my opinion. The music and sound affects, the art and animations, the complex characters, *chef's kiss*. I love the way previous choices get brought up and affect relationships, I'm seeing some of the most realistic interactions I've ever seen in a game. I love the way that personality is formed and recorded, and that we have the option to embrace or reject traits. And I'm so happy to be able to use telekinesis this way in a visual novel. My only criticism would be that there's no option to skip past already seen text if you're replaying, other than that I think the game is literally perfect. I can't imagine how much work must've gone into this demo. I unfortunately discovered the game too late to back on kickstarter, but I'm glad to see that it was funded and I'm looking forward to purchasing the full game once it's completed!

Just finished playing the demo! It was good, I like the story so far can't wait to see where it takes us! I felt bad about excluding somebody from those anti-radioactive syringes(?) but i guess it can't be helped. :(

By the way I wasn't able to open the demo from, was able to play it from steam, I'm not sure what the problem is? If it helps I'm on Windows 10.

Can't wait to see where you take us in this game! <3

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Love this game! The world building, the tension created by    the music, the character dynamics, and the dialogue choices you can make all are very interesting and I found myself playing the demo more than once just to explore all the options/unlock different traits.    Can't wait for the full game!

P.S. (potential spoiler don't read if you haven't played the demo at all)   I did run into a thing at this point in the game, not sure if anyone else ran into this or if it's just me: 

When choosing the option on the right (Understanding who they are...whole situation), I get this:

The game continues normally when pressing  'Ignore', so not a significant issue.   Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but let me know if y'all need more details!


Wonderful to hear that you enjoyed exploring the different options. Creating variable outcomes has been one of the most fun parts of development, and there will be even more of that in the full game.

Thank you for bringing that bug to our attention. The problem is due to us deciding not to incorporate a specific trait in the demo. The error does not have any knock-on effects, but we will be sure to fix it in our upcoming updated version with avatar customization.

this game is so good im super impressed I  love all the characters especially number 2 I felt so bad for him I can't wait to see where his character goes 

Had a TON of fun with this one. Completely wild that you can actually click on objects to throw them-- haven't encountered many VNs in indie spaces that do this. Very cool story so far; excited to see what's next! 

Thank you for playing our demo! Seeing how much you enjoyed the game made our day.

And it’s great to see the QTEs being appreciated. We wanted to make sure the players feel their powers growing over the course of the game, just as the character does, and we don’t think that would have been as easily accomplished without the interactivity.

Thank you once more. Looking forward to see what you think of the finished game :)


do you think you guys can include more custom options for the MC? height, body type, hair, skin color etc? I think the MC is very tall and I feel it doesn't have much inclusiveness. I hope everything goes well with the game! I absolutely loved it!! <3


We would love to include more body types and customization options in general. Unfortunately, most of these would be more expensive and time-consuming to implement than we can currently afford. 

We will however be adding skin colour and hair colour customization.


You guys made it, congrats!


Yay!!! :D


will you guys eventually get more race options for the mc?

No, that's not something we have planned.


oh, well I hope you guys will eventually consider it.

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Edit: Highly recommend anyone that enjoys the demo to go back this on Kickstarter.
At time of posting, it's still a little short of the baseline goal, with only 4 days left to support it.


Just finished my first playthrough of the available snippet.

I really like the Embrace/Reject approach to acquiring personality traits.
That's a very clever little feature, and neatly avoids the pitfalls of other personality/morality systems.

There's the odd typo I've noticed in the demo, but I assume those will be checked over and fixed for/following full release.
(Ones I noticed were an instance of 'they/them' pronouns being paired with "has" instead of "have", and a dialogue option that mentioned going East when the instruction was West.)

The characters are interesting and distinct, and they all react fairly understandably to their circumstances.
I'm definitely looking forward to learning more about each of them. ... though I know exactly who my least favourite is already.

It's especially cool to see that it seems certain dialogue/action options are accurately reflected in how characters respond to the protagonist.
Thinking specifically of the fact that, as soon as it was clear Subject 1 couldn't (safely) see for himself, I started picking any options I could to give a clear description for him. Which he notes later!

Another major positive: excellent accessibility options.
Really nice to see devs give due consideration to accessibility, and even provide multiple settings (including no time limit) for QTEs.

Thanks for the demo!


Thank you very much for your kind words, and for making us aware of those mistakes. It's really helpful.

Do you remember where that wrong verb conjugation after they/them was? We've made a thorough search, but can't find it. Maybe we're simply tired from everything going on right now :)

Apparently my memory of the 'have/has' typo was backwards.

It's in the character description:
"[playername], like their companions, have no memories from before Sublime set them free."


Ah, thank you! We'll make the changes for the next update.


would you like some help getting more diverce pronoun sets?


Which pronouns to include in the game is something we have discussed at length. We want to be welcoming to all and not make anyone feel as if we’re excluding them. However, one could never provide an exhaustive list of all pronouns, and so at some point we would have to choose which pronouns to include and which ones not to. 

There is no clear right decision, but we opted to go for one masculine, one feminine, and one pronoun outside that binary. Our hope is that our players will find one of these acceptable. 

All this being said, we listen to all feedback, and at this point nothing is set in stone.

i don't know how pronouns specifically work in your game or if you have voice actors or anything, but there are actually a lot of games in this genre that do let you have neo pronouns, like, for example, fox spirit a to tailed adventure. And then, for multipole pronouns, you could mix it up. Being non-binary isn't like being cis; a lot of the time, pepole don't just have one pronoun. If you did this, a lot more pepole would feel counterbore playing your game. You have a good start.


This is different then what im used to, im liking what im seeing so far though.


Thank you so much! We took a risk by going outside the box and we're happy to see people respond positively to it.


Hello, tried on Steam, for being a demo, is long, LOVE IT!


We are very happy you liked it!


No android version?


Thank you for asking! We don't have plans for an android version of Super/Human Identity for the 2022 release, but we're not ruling it out in the future.

ohh it's okey...and thanks for answer ehehe


So, uh, somehow I just stumbled on this demo even though it has been around for more than a year? I thought I was an avid VN reader, but I guess not?

It took me a few scenes to get used to the art, but the style works pretty well for the game. 

What really impressed me was the sheer variety each playthrough can have: The NPCs remember everything you say or do and aren't shy about pointing out contractictions. It seemed to me like every single line in the game could change at least slightly depending on what you do. 

You can theoretically become friends with anyone, just not everyone at the same time. But it was really rewarding to replay the demo and pick someone else for that one, very crucial decision: The demo isn't really long enough to get to know the NPCs very well, but each one of them has some endearing (and some annoying) traits. 

(I haven't tried yet if I can get everyone to hate me in a single playthrough, but it does look like that might be an option.)

Also, letting me choose not just my own name, but everyone else's as well (even against their wishes) is a really nice touch.  (I am usually a very supportive guy, but Nightmare is an awesome superhero name, so deal with it, Two.)

I would have liked to see more of the Captain since I assume he will be the last RO. He only has one line (or rather, one or two words) and is mentioned a couple of times.

I really hope this game will be completed.


Good to hear you enjoyed trying out different outcomes. Variability in the group dynamic is at the very core of our story, and it's nice to hear that it is appreciated.

We are still working on Super/Human Identity, and will launch a second Kickstarter for the game in September.

That's awesome to hear! I'll definitely check that out. Really love the superhero costumes you're posting on Twitter, by the way!

I can't believe it took me this long to finally try the demo (pandemic and all about that, I guess...)

It reminds me to The New Mutants (they are more likely mutated in the story... aren't they??).  All the characters are likeable (yes, even the depressed Amund, still questioning on Sublime's intention, tho), the QTE keeps the reality of new-found power grounded, and it's only Day 1 but already making me invested to their survival in this fast-paced superhuman intrigue.

Gonna stay tune for this!


I'm loving this so far! It's refreshing to play a character in a group dynamic where you're not thrust into the role of leader 'just because' (well, besides that one choice), while still making you feel like you're important and your presence matters.
I also thing it's cool how you can't befriend everyone, no matter how much you might want to, and you don't feel punished for that either. Feels more realistic.
The writing is also very interesting and immersive, so far.
I'm really looking forward to the interaction with the Captain, and assuming he's one of the LI's (I hope?), it'll be interesting to see how that pans out!
Best of luck for this game going forward!



Is the character you end up with in the last rooftop scene the one you have most romance points with? Or maybe friendship? Love the game!! Very excited for the game :)


It is the character who likes you the most overall at that point who chooses to accompany you. 

In the full game there will be more opportunities to spend time with the other characters as well. And however the rooftop scene plays out, you are not locked into any specific relationship yet.

Love this so far! Three has been driving me absolutely insane, but I think that's a love it or hate it thing because some others seem to appreciate Three's... initiative lol. I'm definitely gonna keep an eye on this.

that was amazing i don't know what to say this is so promising i really liked the animation in the fight scenes , that superhero woman too was just wow , the demo was so good but the full game will be released in october 2021 ughhh will i be there to play it? i know you're doing your best obviously it's perfect i'm really looking forward it


Took a chance with this game and I have to agree with everyone else, it's pretty good.


woah i dont even know where to begin this demo is beyond amazing ngl i was not expecting such a good graphics and story choices im obsessed im waiting for the full game impatienly

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I keep checking the progress of this game, so intriguing and capturing it was! Every character having a distinctive personality,  psychologically plausible,  and not letting forget you neither any interactions you had with them, nor the consequences of your choices regarding them. It's.just.great. Love this interactional-psychological approach to characters. And music. And graphics.


the demo was amazing!!! the writing was so immersive i forgot this is a demo lmao, the art? breathtaking. can't wait to learn more about this beautiful game <3

This is so cool!


Oh my gosh, I absolutely loved this demo! I'll definitely be following this games production. The narration, the character design, the plot; everything about this really grabbed my attention. The fact that decisions you make come back and don't just disappear is really cool. I originally decided to get rid of the medical bracelet, but quickly found myself going back and keeping it to prove that I really am 5 lol. I love that you can see what characters think of you and others as well. 2 definitely has my heart. When I tell you I died during the rooftop scene -


That's high praise. We're very happy to hear that you engaged with the decisions and characters so much. Thank you!


I LOVED THIS!!! I'm so excited for the full game! Thank you guys!


Thank you! We're happy to hear you like it.


- Spoilers within -

Heyyy this was AAMAZING! I only finished one go through but I'll be up all night and the next year or so playing with the different options. This is everything I could want in an IF game I swear-..

One aspect I'm enjoying so far is that our avatar isn't necessarily the automatic head of the group? All responsibilities aren't immediately pushed on them and you have to actively choose to clash or show assertiveness if you want some semblance of control over the group. 

I'm reminded of Loren The Amazon Princess a bit? Our avatar exists but there are other characters with their own goals and major conflicts that the player won't always be in the spotlight for.

Like, I'm just trying to escape here but on my left is Sublime confronting the an army solo and on my right Three who's doing the protag work for me.

On that note, Three's character is really refreshing to watch in action, being the character who has the most moxie and drive to try to keep order and make progress. As Five I almost feel a weight lifted off me being allowed to what appears to be a more deuteragonist role in the group. As much as I love the franchises, the thing that bothered me in games like Dragon Age or anything Telltale makes was the sudden thrust into positions of authority with negligible backlash. I really love seeing a companion character actively wanting to take the role of what is usually a song and dance expected of the player.

And this is done while still allowing us to make some tough decisions. The remarks the characters made for the syringe scene had me going back and forth on whether or not I did things "right," and the consequences of them were still present throughout the rest of the demo.

But what got me more were the little things, like One remembering if you help him navigate, or Two bringing up if he accidentally hurt you, and the context or existence of those things varying depending on if they even like you and what decisions you've made so far. 

I don't even remember what it was that I chose to say or do one time but I remember letting out an audible "Huh?" when a character didn't forget and brought it up again. It caught me off guard that the interaction hadn't been lost to time. The decisions we have very grounded and the story doesn't feel like it's just going through the motions.

That's only addressing player-companion interactions and not even getting into the companions with each other, the world, and themselves. my god.

- The art style, GUI, environments, CGs, and quick-time events are also all very lovely. Everything feels so dynamic and alive, as if the world itself has always existed and I'm being flung in a story that has a palpable future and past regardless of the player's narrative.

If I don't stop here I'll write a novel of jumbled gushing.  This demo was so good!


Wow! Thank you so much for all the love!

We can't tell you how much it means to hear that you enjoyed so many aspects of our demo, especially the story mechanics at the heart of our game that have been our biggest focus.

For the final game, we hope to implement even more variability, even in this early part of the game. To finish the demo on time, some things were cut, but we intend to add another mutually exclusive scene, as well as improvements to the character screen that go into more detail about your unique playthrough.

Again, thanks for the support. Reading your lovely words confirms we are on the right track.

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Hello! First I have to admit it really cool demo. I enjoyed it very much and I'd love to have full game, I rare saw games with  interesting abilities and amazing characters, AND  good story (your have these all and even more). I'll back you on Kickstarter. But I have a question. What will happen if.. funding company fails? I am really upset when I am thinking about it, but what if? Will you continue (maybe early access or something, to collect money) or .. game will not be released?


Thank you! We are very glad you like it.

Whatever happens, we will definitely finish Super/Human Identity in some shape or form. Stuck in quarantine with no other employment, we really don't have anything else to do.

However, we need funding to maintain the quality and variability of the demo throughout the entire game, and we would love to be able to take it even further, with more CGs, music and maybe even voiced lines.

It means a lot to us that you want to see this game finished as much as we do. Any help with spreading the word, or contributions funding us, brings us closer to being able to make Super/Human Identity the experience we envisioned it as.


I really enjoyed this demo and can't wait for the full game.  The characters' personalities and powers really reeled me in, but the mystery of their circumstance hooked me.

My one criticism would be that the spiked character desperately needs hands.  Because I like him so much I find myself concerned with how he uses the bathroom, eats and drinks.  It reeeeeally bothers me.  A lot.  I literally cannot stop thinking about it.


Thank you for your kind words. We have worked a lot on the characters and their possible arcs throughout the game. With this story, we wanted to explore the psychological toll of having unexpected superpowers, or mutations if you will. The impracticality of some of the characters' abilities is something we hope to deal with in a realistic and grounded way.

Without spoiling too much, Subject 2 getting some assistance from someone (who depends on the group dynamics), is brought up later in the game. If he were to make it to safety, assistive devices for people with limb deficiency (and of course bidets), would give him independence. Still, his body is proving a lot to adapt to, though not as much in a practical sense as in terms of others' and his own perception of himself.  

This gives me an error when I try to download it. It says it's "undefined".

What platform are you on?

Using the desktop client on Win 10.


This seems to be an issue with the app (see this dicussion). Retry installing a couple of times, and if it does not work, we suggest downloading it from the website in a browser.

Hm, ok, it did work this time (even from the client). Thanks for letting me know about this issue.